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The principal aims of the charity are:

  • To relieve need, hardship or distress of victims, witnesses and others adversely affected by crime, or actions suspected to be criminal, in the Devon and Cornwall area. This relief will come in the form of small grants to individuals or organisations.

Namely: acts of kindness!

All applications for the assistance will be submitted by a Police Officer or member of Police staff on a standard application form, enabling them to provide further help within the communities they serve. The Trustees will scrutinise the application and allow (or otherwise) the grant to be made. It will be hand delivered by the applying member of staff, which will serve as a much-needed morale boost for both the member of staff and the recipient.

Some examples of grants which may be given to individuals:

  • Gifts
  • Food hampers
  • Shopping vouchers

The application form can be found here. Please fill in all specified areas, in as much detail as possible to ensure a prompt decision can be made by the Trustees. Please e-mail your completed application to: admin@dcpeelers.org